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Batavia Heavy Duty Wave Brush for intensive cleaning | Maxxbrush
Heavy Duty Wave Brush for intensive cleaning | Maxxbrush €59,95

Heavy Duty Wave Brush for intensive cleaning | Maxxbrush

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Batavia Wave Brush for intensive cleaning | Maxxbrush

This unique brush has been specially developed for the Batavia Maxxbrush patio cleaner. This brush is made from a unique blend of nylon and metal particles for optimal results and long life. This
brush is designed for dry cleaning of surfaces with, for example, algae or fungus. Ideal for terrace, paths and driveways. This brush delivers a light abrasive effect, similar to a metal brush and is therefore not recommended for soft surfaces (wood / natural stone). With this Batavia Wave brush for intensive cleaning, the series of brushes that fit the Batavia Maxxbrush is completed.

The benefits and safety of this unique brush
The advantage of this unique brush is the unique composition. This brush is not provided with metal "hairs" so that the Batavia Wave brush is safe to use. Comparable intensive cleaning brushes are equipped with metal “hairs”. These metal parts can fly around during cleaning work or fall out and thus remain on the cleaned surface. All this with dangerous consequences. Such as flat tires, but also metal parts that end up in your foot as soon as you walk barefoot on the cleaned terrace. To prevent this and to put safety first, Batavia has developed this unique, intensively cleaning yet safe brush.

No damage to your terrace with intensive cleaning
Finally, it is of course also nice that the cleaned surface remains undamaged after the intensive cleaning. The metal brushes sand a layer off your stones, as it were. The top layer of your terrace, driveway and street will be damaged in such a way that you cannot repair it. That is not the case with this unique Batavia Wave brush. The top layer is not damaged, so there is no permanent damage after performing intensive cleaning on the terrace, driveway and street.

Technical data:
- Brand: Batavia
- Type: Brush for Maxxbrush
- Suitable for: intensive cleaning
- Brush material: TPR + silicon carbide
- Equipped with number of rings: 14 pieces
- Weight: 0.93 kg.
- Product size: 12.3 x 12.3 x 25.4 cm.

10 / 10
10 / 10
Marco van assen 13 August 2020

Na verschillende voegenborstels gebruikt te hebben met metalen borstels, is deze toch het beste bevallen. Hardnekkig vuil en aanslag veegt hij moeiteloos weg. Top borstel!

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