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Leaf blowers

Batavia Leaf blower 18V ULTRA | Excl. battery & charger

Leaf blower 18V ULTRA | Excl. battery & charger

• The perfect blower for effectively clearing leaves, grass clippings and vari..
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Buy Cordless Leaf Blower

Let's do something about all that leaves in front of the door!

When you opt for a cordless leaf blower, you're freed from the limited mobility caused by a corded device. Especially if you have obstacles in your garden that you need to work around, a cordless leaf blower can provide a solution.

A cordless leaf blower is also better for the environment compared to, for example, a gasoline leaf blower. And it also requires much less maintenance. The ideal device to quickly and hassle-free tidy up your garden.

How to use a leaf blower?

Very simple: plug in your charged battery and start! Thanks to the compact motor, a strong air flow is produced that quickly blows the leaves away.

However, be mindful that your garden isn't too large. A cordless leaf blower is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. A leaf blower that is electrically powered with a cord, for example, is more practical for larger areas.

If you use the leaf blower regularly, it might be wise to also purchase a shoulder strap. This way, you don't have to constantly hold up the device with your own strength.

Best Leaf Blowers

The best leaf blower looks different for everyone. For some, it's a small leaf blower that is easy to operate and can be stored with ease. For others, the best cordless leaf blower consists of a large frame with many different settings.

So, first consider your needs when buying a leaf blower.

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