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What is brushless?

Brushless, it's a common term in the tool world. Brushless, or carbon brushless, is a battery option for a tool. Our tools are 9/10 times equipped with a brushless motor. Here's the thing: in the battery, some sort of voltage must be passed through for the battery to do its job, although this pass-through is guided by the carbon brush(s). In carbon brushless motors, this voltage can be "pulled" by the moving parts themselves, so no intermediate party is needed. This is a lot better for the battery itself, so it has 3 main advantages:
- The battery has a longer life
- The battery can work longer
- The battery gets more power
In other words, a brushless battery is a lot more efficient than normal. So make the choice to benefit from a brushless battery. This is also the power of the Maxxpack battery platform!

What do the battery values mean?
In the product description of a battery, you will often see two values listed: VOLT & AMPÈRE. Some people know what this stands for, some don't. Therefore, we clarify exactly what this means:

Voltage can be compared to the engine of a car. In other words, it is the source of power. The amount of Volts thus affects the amount of power a battery has.

Amps can be compared to the tires of a car. This means that the number of amps affects how long your battery will last/how far it will take you. In other words, the higher the amount of amps, the longer your battery will last.

My discount code is not working! How do I proceed?
This can sometimes happen, our system also makes a mistake. The solution is very simple: contact us via the chat! Here you will get the fastest response.

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