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Blucave storage system for workshop and shed

Looking for a good storage system? Then take a look at the Blucave series. With the Blucave sets you will find beautiful combinations. Ideal for simple, clear and tidy tidying up of tools!
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Storage system for shed and workshop

If there is one thing that is not nice, it is tools lying around in the shed or workshop. You will benefit greatly if your tools are neatly stored. This way you can easily find everything and you can start your job immediately. Therefore, organize your tools in a suitable storage system.

BluCave storage system

BluCave is a leading brand in storage systems. With the BluCave starter set you can quickly create a well-organized working environment. Such a set consists of various elements that you can mix into a storage system according to your wishes. Attach the storage system to a wall or the wall of a work bus via a system rail, so that you can place all storage elements as you see fit.

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6 tips for buying the right storage system

We are happy to help you make the best choice and that is why we have listed a number of tips for choosing the right storage system:

  • Overview: Do you want to be able to see all your tools and accessories at a glance? Then choose a storage system with a transparent lid.
  • Types of tools: determine which types of tools you want to store and choose the right storage solution.
  • Anti-theft: have you ever had your tools unattended in a building? Then choose a tool case or trolley with lock or anti-theft pliers.
  • Mobility: do you take the tools with you every now and then? Then choose a portable suitcase or install rails in your van.
  • Special requirements: do you ever work in a damp environment? Then go for a waterproof storage system.
  • Protection: choose modules or inlays with foam recesses to protect the tool for longer. This way you increase the lifespan of your tools.
  • Accessories: Also take a look at the extra options that some storage systems offer. Do you like to listen to music while doing odd jobs? Then go for a storage system with bluetooth audio.


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