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Batavia Giraffe Air telescopic ladders

Do you need a ladder that always has the desired height? Then the Batavia Giraffe Air telescopic ladder is for you. These telescopic ladders are small and handy in size, but extendable up to several meters high.
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How does a Giraffe Air telescopic ladder work?

With a Batavia telescopic ladder you can easily reach great heights. Thanks to the innovative telescopic mechanism, you simply extend the steps of the Giraffe Air telescopic ladder to the desired height. When you no longer need the ladder, you slide in the steps and you have a small ladder less than a meter high. This is extra handy, because the small size makes the telescopic ladder easy to fit in the trunk, for example.


High quality retractable ladders

Batavia likes to go a step further when it comes to convenience. For example, we know better than anyone that it should be as pleasant as possible for you to bring a ladder. That is why we firstly made our telescopic ladders from high-quality aluminum. This benefits the quality. Second, the telescopic ladders are a lot lighter as a result. Add to that the space-saving design and the possibility to extend the ladder to any desired height. Then in the end you really have a very nice ladder.

Working safely on our telescopic ladders

Not only convenience and quality are important; safe working is our priority. That is why Batavia has taken a lot of measures in the design of the Giraffe Air telescopic ladders. It will therefore come as no surprise that all our ladders meet the strictest European requirements and are EN-131 and TÜV certified. But that's not all.

Thanks to the soft close technology, the steps do not fall down hard on your fingers when you retract the Giraffe Air telescopic ladder. In addition, the anti-slip steps provide an extra bit of stability. Furthermore, the ladders in this line that can be extended higher than 3 meters have a wider stabilization beam.

Advantages of Batavia Giraffe Air telescopic ladders

  • Light and compact, so easy to lift
  • Extendable from small and compact to meters high
  • Fits in small spaces such as a trunk
  • Take it anywhere
  • Can be optimally adjusted to any height
  • With anti-slip steps
  • Safe soft close hand protection when inserting

Choose your size extendable ladder

So are you looking for a versatile ladder that is also easy to transport? Then take a look at the above range of Giraffe Air telescopic ladders. At Batavia you will find these ladders in various sizes, from more than 2.5 to almost 4 meters. As a result, there is always a size that perfectly matches your wishes and application. The sky's the limit!

Order a telescopic ladder?

As soon as you have found a telescopic ladder, you can place an order with us directly online. Then you benefit from our very fast delivery.