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Batavia Batavia innovative Multi-Shifter
Batavia innovative Multi-Shifter €19,95 €34,95

Batavia innovative Multi-Shifter

€34,95 €19,95
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Batavia innovative Multi-Shifter

With the innovative Batavia Multi-Shifter you can effortlessly clear snow. The Multi-Shifter also has no trouble with leaves, branches, rainwater and other debris. Thanks to the patented “sliding action”, the Multi-Shifter pushes almost everything aside. The robust polypropylene material with strong wooden handle (FSC) gives the Multi-Shifter a long service life.


10 / 10
10 / 10
Jan willem 09 February 2021

Goede kwaliteit en doet wat hij moet doen.

10 / 10
Rob 08 February 2021

Werkt super! veegt de sneeuw makkelijk weg

10 / 10
James 05 February 2021

BRILLIANT!!! you only need one tool - who wants a garden shed full of tools in 2021?

I'm a young guy and because I hate doing any work in the garden and because don't have or want a shed or a shed full of garden tools the MULTI-SHIFTER tool is awesome! it does the job of most garden tools and its more fun and cool. My MULTI-SHIFTER clears most things pretty quick like leaves, snow, frozen ICE and the puddles outside my house which the council won't repair. I am surprised this tool has never been on one of those gadget shows - and why no-one has ever heard of it! It's not in B&Q, Wickes or any proper DIY hardware store? I know the Original MULTI-SHIFTER is made by a company called SNBLAD but the Batavia one works great.

10 / 10
Rob van Zanten 05 February 2021

Werkt super met het vegen van de bladeren op mijn oprit en in de tuin ook tegen onkruid geprobeerd. We verwachten een dikke pak sneeuw dit weekend, kan ik hem mooi uittesten. Ik kan hem aanbevelen.