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Batavia Maxxheat 4-in-1 Luxury | Electrical weedburner
Maxxheat 4-in-1 Luxury | Electrical weedburner €49,99

Maxxheat 4-in-1 Luxury | Electrical weedburner

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The latest model! The Maxxheat 4-in-1 Luxury.


The benefits of the MAXXHEAT weed destroyer
• Simple and fast: destroy weeds in 5 seconds by heating
• Powerful paint burner: with three temperature settings up to 600 ° C
• Safe: Also suitable as a safe and fast barbecue lighter.
• Complete: including four specially designed mouthpieces and click & go stem. The MAXXHEAT is the tool for home and garden: a multifunctional electric weed destroyer with removable handle. But the MAXXHEAT is more: you can easily turn this weed destroyer into a powerful paint burner or a safe and fast barbecue lighter. So three products in one! With the click & go stem, the unique rotating handle and specially designed mouthpieces, the Batavia MAXXHEAT is a multifunctional innovation.

Environmentally friendly to use
The MAXXHEAT weed destroyer is not only safe to use but also environmentally friendly without flames, gas or pesticides. Although there is not yet a total ban on pesticides, private use is not recommended. The Batavia MAXXHEAT is an environmentally friendly, safe and affordable alternative for weed control. By briefly heating the weeds to about 600 ° C for about 5 seconds, the cell structure of the weeds is broken down to the root by the thermal shock. After this, the weeds will die.

Fighting weeds in this way is very effective with long-lasting results. Thanks to the specially designed mouthpiece you can work very precisely. Only electricity is required for its use, green weeds have never been more environmentally friendly and sustainable. You do not need other pesticides or refills for gas.

Control weeds safely
Controlling weeds with the MAXXHEAT is not only environmentally friendly but also very safe, because no open flame is used, which reduces the risk of fire hazard. Also, no pesticides are used and there is therefore no health risk. The MAXXHEAT weed destroyer is equipped with a foot switch and three temperature settings, including a cooling mode. For cooling down, the device is equipped with a cooling stand to allow the device to cool safely in the air.

Hot air gun for burning off paint
The MAXXHEAT is a multi-purpose tool and can also be used to burn off paint. Here, too, chemical agents are no longer necessary. Due to the different temperature settings, every surface quickly becomes free of old paint layers for a tight and smooth result. The device has an ergonomic handle for comfortable working.

Safe barbecue lighter
Every year you read it again in the newspaper: accidents with barbecues due to unsafe lighting. With the MAXXHEAT you have a safe barbecue lighter in your hands and you can stay away from spirit and other volatile and environmentally unfriendly substances. Isn't that a much nicer feeling on those long summer evenings? And if you are looking for a barbecue at your lighter, then of course we have the multifunctional 4Grill barbecue for you. With the 4Grill you can barbecue, slow cook, grill and sit outside for a long time because it is also a great outdoor fireplace for your weed-free garden!

Temperature setting 1: 50 ° C
Temperature setting 2: 400 ° C
Temperature setting 3: 600 ° C
Air flow: 500 L / min


10 / 10
10 / 10
Robert 20 April 2021

Onkruidverwijderaar 200 procent top!

Een apparaat gemakkelijk in gebruik en werkt perfect voor meerdere doeleinden te gebruiken. Onkruid gaat echt goed verwijderd worden op deze manier had het veel eerder moeten hebben dit apparaat!

10 / 10
John Collins 23 October 2020

One of the best weedburner, I've had the pleasure of having different kinds of electrical weedburners but this one is by far the best and safest electrical weedburner.

10 / 10
Roy 13 August 2020

Goede onkruidbrander, doet goed zijn werk en verschillende opzetstukken zijn ook een plus.