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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless Ash Vacuum Cleaner | MaxxPack Collection
18V Li-Ion Cordless Ash Vacuum Cleaner | MaxxPack Collection €49,95

18V Li-Ion Cordless Ash Vacuum Cleaner | MaxxPack Collection

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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Battery ash vacuum cleaner | MaxxPack Collection


The Batavia MAXXPACK ash vacuum cleaner - a superior cordless cleaning tool


A summary of the Batavia MAXXPACK Ash vacuum cleaner
The Batavia MAXXPACK ash vacuum cleaner is an ash vacuum that you can use anywhere and is specially designed for clearing fireplaces and fire pits. You can use it indoors to remove the remains of your wood-burning stove or fireplace in minutes without putting a lot of ash into the air and dirty your home. However, this cordless ash vacuum cleaner is also suitable for outdoor use, as you don't even need to have an electrical network nearby. So it is a fireplace ash vacuum cleaner with which you can also clean up an external fire bowl or a barbecue. In fact, the ash vacuum cleaner can also be taken on camping trips, to keep your campfire in order wherever you are.

What does the Batavia ash vacuum cleaner offer?
With a 12-liter stainless steel tank, this fireplace ash vacuum cleaner is capable of performing multiple cleaning jobs without needing to be emptied. But because it weighs just 2.4 kilos before a MAXXPACK 18V battery is fitted, you can take it anywhere with ease - indoors or out. In addition, the cordless ash vacuum cleaner offers optimal freedom of movement because it comes with a handy hose of 1 meter long. In addition, the hose is fire resistant, so it can tolerate some exposure to the remnants of the fire that may still be hot. It makes cleaning and emptying fires and barbecues faster and less enjoyable.

Main features of the MAXXPACK Ash vacuum cleaner
For starters, this ash cleaner comes with a 23 cm aluminum suction tube and a flat suction nozzle designed to produce high suction power. There is a filtration system to keep the MAXXPACK ash vacuum cleaner in good working order as well, which extends the life of the machine. The battery you need to use this cordless ash vacuum cleaner is compatible with up to 30 different Batavia MAXXPACK products. This means that only one battery can be used with many different portable devices, which helps to keep costs down and also protect the environment. Finally, the fireplace ash vacuum cleaner comes with an LED light that you can use to make sure you clean all areas of a fire pit or barbecue without missing a thing.

Why should you invest a Batavia MAXXPACK ash vacuum cleaner?
The innovatively designed Batavia cordless ash vacuum cleaner offers an airflow rate of 11 liters per second, so it has all the power you need to get even dirty jobs done. The unit develops up to 30W of air power when connected to a MAXXPACK 18V battery, more than enough for most owners.
Anyone looking for a cordless ash vacuum cleaner that you can use anywhere should find out exactly why the Batavia MAXXPACK ash vacuum cleaner makes so much sense. Check out the full technical specifications on our website and buy your vacuum cleaner today!

Technical data:
- Nominal voltage: 18 Volt
- Motor power: 140 W.
- Air power: 30 W.
- Noise emission *: 75 dB
- Vacuum: 9 kPa
- Air flow: 11 l / s
- Tank capacity: 8 l in 12 l tank
- Hose length: 100 cm.
- Weight without battery: 2390 kg
- Weight with battery: 2790 kg
- Product is supplied without battery and / or charger.

Delivery includes:
- Ash vacuum cleaner
- Fireproof suction hose, 1 meter long
- Aluminum suction tube 23 cm. long
- Filter with metal mesh
- Aluminum flat suction nozzle

Approvals / certificates:

Available Battery / Charger
- Battery is sold separately under art. 7062517 (2 Ah)
- Battery is sold separately under art. 7062518 (4 Ah)
- Charger is sold separately under art. 7063630 (1.65 Ah)
- Charger is sold separately under art. 7063554 (4 Ah)

10 / 10
10 / 10
Niels Peereboom 05 February 2020

Ik zocht een aszuiger zonder kabel en ben blij dat ik deze snoerloze aszuiger gekocht heb. Superkrachtig en meer dan voldoende om de pelletkachel schoon te maken.

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