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Batavia 18V Li-IonCordless Drain auger | Maxxpack Collection
18V Li-IonCordless Drain auger | Maxxpack Collection €99,99

18V Li-IonCordless Drain auger | Maxxpack Collection

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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless Drain auger | Maxxpack Collection


The Batavia MAXXPACK Drain Auger – A Useful Cordless Tool for Your Drains and Sewers

An Overview of the Batavia MAXXPACK Drain Auger
Simple to operate, even if you have no previous experience with clearing drains and pipes of blockages, the Batavia cordless drain auger can be used in and around the home for a multitude of jobs. In fact, this powerful tool can be operated as a plumbing snake even further afield, because it does not need to be plugged into the mains electrical supply to power it. As such, you can take it anywhere and even use it on neighbouring properties if needed. The auger has a flexible attachment at the front that you can insert into pipes to clear them of any material that is preventing water from flowing freely. The drain snake attachment is long, and it means you can use the drain auger from any inspection pit or drainage point that is within 6.8 metres of the blockage, affording a great deal of flexibility in the way that it used.

What Makes the Batavia MAXXPACK Drain Auger Such a Handy Tool?
Because the plumbing snake part of the drain augur is flexible, you can insert it into pipes where there are bends to get around, making it much easier to use in those situations than drainage push rods, for example. In fact, it will even get around a U-bend so you can use it as a toilet snake, too. Because it is powered by an 18V rechargeable battery, much of the physical work needed to clear a clogged up drain is removed. In short, it is a labour-saving device that makes clearing waste pipes and drains a breeze. There is a handle and a second grabbing point so you can retain full control of the MAXXPACK drain auger at all times.

Key Features of the Cordless Drain Auger
Like other rechargeable tools in the Batavia MAXXPACK range, the cordless drain auger works with the same 18V battery. This means you need less of them to run up to 30 different types of tool. As such, the MAXXPACK system saves on needless battery acquisition, helping your carbon footprint as well as you overall expenditure. The drain snake will work quite happily in pipes that are 19 to 50 mm in diameter. In fact, users even get an LED light with their drain auger, ideal for when you have to unblock drains in the dark.

Considering Buying a Batavia MAXXPACK Drain Auger?
With a weight that is under 3.5 kilos without a battery, the Batavia cordless drain auger is very much a handheld tool for general operators although professionals could also easily benefit from it, as well. The toilet snake can be used to clear baths and sinks as well as sewer pipes. It is certificated to the standards of PAHs, RoHS and REACH, among others.
If you are looking for a versatile and powered drain snake that you can make use of in many different situations, then the Batavia cordless drain auger is the very thing. Check out some more details on our website and purchase your one without further delay!

Technical information:
Rated voltage: 18V
- No load speed: 0-560 min-1
- Sound pressure level *: LpA = 69.8 dB(A) KpA = 3 dB
- Sound power level *: LWA = 80.8 dB(A) KpA = 3 dB
- Hand arm-vibration (no load):
- Main handle: 2.3 m/s2 K= 1.5 m/s2
- Aux handle: 2.3 m/s2 K = 1.5 m/s2
- Diameter spindle: 7-16 mm
- Working length spindle: 6.8 m.
- Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 20 cm
- Weight without battery: 3.46 kg

Delivery includes:
- Drain auger


- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062517 (2 Ah)
- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062518 (4 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No 7063630 (1.65 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No. 7062519 (4 Ah)

10 / 10
10 / 10
Louis 07 December 2019

Werkt prima afvoer ontstoppen koud kunstje. En voor een prima prijs.

10 / 10
Hans 19 February 2019

Top! heeft mij mooi 200 euro bespaard aan een ontstoppingsbedrijf. mocht er weer iets verstopt zijn, kan ik het nu gemakkelijk zelf doen.