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Batavia 18V Li-Ion  Cordless caulking gun | Maxxpack collection
18V Li-Ion Cordless caulking gun | Maxxpack collection €69,99

18V Li-Ion Cordless caulking gun | Maxxpack collection

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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless caulking gun | Maxxpack collection


The Batavia MAXXPACK Caulking Gun – A Handy Cordless Tool for Applying Caulk and Sealant

The Batavia MAXXPACK Caulking Gun In Summary
Useful for applications of caulk and sealant from their tubes both indoors and outside, the Batavia MAXXPACK caulking gun beats manually operated ones hands down. This is a battery-operated caulking gun that means you don't have to push the contents of your cartridge's tube out as you apply caulk and sealant products around your home. The battery caulk gun does this for you so you can keep both of your hands focussed on the job of applying it neatly. A manual caulk gun often has to be pushed quite hard to get the contents out, which means that wobbly applications are sometimes the norm unless you are an expert. By contrast, the innovative battery caulk gun made by Batavia means that even amateurs and DIY enthusiasts can achieve professional results when applying filler, caulk and sealant.

What Is It About the Batavia Caulking Gun That Makes It So Useful?
Because it has an 18V lithium-ion battery, the Batavia MAXXPACK caulking gun will push your caulk out of its cartridge at an even rate which means you can apply it around window seals, for example, with a great deal more evenness. Due to the continuous discharge pressure that you get with this battery caulk gun, fewer drips and misplaced material will occur. The caulk gun can deliver an extrusion pressure that is up to 2,500 Nm, and this means that you can expect extrusion speeds of anything up to 7.8 mm per second.

Features of the Battery-Operated Caulking Gun By Batavia
Because it makes use of the MAXXPACK battery system, the Batavia cordless caulking gun is compatible with numerous other devices in the range. The 18V battery that the caulk gun uses works with around 30 different power tools designed by Batavia. Therefore, you can lower your costs by only purchasing the batteries you need for all of these tools. That's good for the environment, too. Bear in mind that the battery caulk gun also provides you with an ergonomic handle and a lightweight design so you won't get too tired operating it. To make it even easier to use, there is also a handy LED light that means you can ensure greater accuracy, too.

Technical information:
- Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
- Extrusion speed: max. 7.8 mm/s
- Extrusion pressure: 2000 - 2500 Nm
- Cartridge size: max. 300 ml
- Dimensions: 23.4 x 7.2 x 43 cm
- Weight without battery: 1.55 kg

- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062517 (2 Ah)
- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062518 (4 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No 7063630 (1.65 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No. 7062519 (4 Ah)

10 / 10
10 / 10
DW6 30 August 2019

Wat een top accu kitpistool!!! 4 dagen met een milwaukee M12 gewerkt maar de batavia doet er absoluut niet aan onder.
het enige nadeel is het gewicht met de accu. Ik gebruik de kitpistool puur voor montage kit aangezien deze vrij moeizaam uit de koker komt.
Voorheen deed ik dit wel met een hand kitpistool maar als je de hele dag platen tegen een muur moet plakken heb je aan het einde van de dag erg veel kramp in handen en vingers van het continue knijpen en nu totaal geen last meer, ben er heel erg content mee met deze accu kitpistool.
Voor acrylaatkit en siliconen gebruikt ik wel een gewone kitpistool omdat je hiermee wat preciezer kunt spuiten.

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