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Batavia battery screwdrivers

With a battery screwdriver from Batavia, even the most difficult screwdriving job will no longer cost you any effort. Our range includes an impact screwdriver and brushless impact screwdriver that you can use cordlessly with the help of our universal Maxx
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When do you use a cordless impact screwdriver?

A cordless impact screwdriver is very suitable for more intensive screwdriving work. An impact screwdriver achieves a relatively high speed, which makes it ideal for large screws and heavier efforts. This means that both screwing in and removing large screws are no longer a problem.

When do you use a brushless impact screwdriver?

Do you use an impact screwdriver more often? Then it is smart to purchase a brushless screwdriver. A brushless impact screwdriver lasts longer than the traditional impact screwdriver. That's because you don't have to replace carbon brushes. In addition, brushless battery impact screwdrivers ensure less noise.

The battery platform of Batavia: the Maxxpack Collection

The cordless screwdrivers are part of the Maxxpack Collection. One battery for all your DIY and garden tools, isn't that ideal? Invest once in a universal battery and charger from the Maxxpack Collection and you have power for all your tools!

Advantages of the Batavia cordless impact screwdriver

  • Universal battery and charger from the Maxxpack collection
  • Compact cordless impact screwdriver for powerful work
  • Working without kickback with extra high torque
  • Universal hexagon bit holder

Buy a battery screwdriver at Batavia

In short, do you need a cordless screwdriver? Do not hesitate and place your order at Batavia today. With our cordless screwdrivers, you will be spared the heavy work during your job. Moreover, you can get started in no time, because we provide super-fast delivery and an excellent warranty.