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Batavia battery drills

Do you need a drill that is easy to use and can easily handle tough drilling jobs? Then a Batavia battery drill is definitely something for you.
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Batavia battery drills

Thanks to the universal battery from Batavia, you will not be bothered by cables and you can work comfortably. This battery of the Maxxpack series is suitable for multiple devices. One battery for all your DIY and garden tools!

Drill with hammer drill function

Batavia's drills have a hammer drill function, so drilling in concrete or other types of stone is no problem. Drilling in a type of stone can be difficult, which is why many cordless drills nowadays have such an impact drilling function. This means that the drill moves back and forth with a powerful longitudinal movement, allowing you to drill efficiently into types of stone. The combination of fast rotation and high pressure on the drill makes it a lot easier to perform tough drilling jobs.

Brushless cordless drill

At Batavia you will find brushless cordless drills in the extensive range. The brushless cordless drills contain a microprocessor that provides drive without carbon brushes. This makes the drill more economical and makes less noise. Furthermore, the brushless cordless drill has a longer lifespan because you do not have to replace carbon brushes.

Good cordless drill for safe and easy use

A large or long drilling job must of course be done safely. That is why Batavia cordless drills are equipped with an ergonomically designed handle. These handles are completely tailored to the job you are doing and your body. This way you prevent physical complaints. The ergonomic handles lie comfortably in the hand, so that you can work comfortably and accurately.

Batavia cordless drill combination set

Batavia regularly has a number of beautiful combination sets. This means you are provided with several top-quality tools with one purchase. As mentioned, the content of the combi sets changes with some regularity. Be sure to keep an eye on the website for the latest combinations.

Advantages of the Batavia cordless drill

  • Universal battery and charger from the Maxxpack Collection
  • Suitable for heavy drilling jobs due to impact drilling function
  • Regularly available in combination sets
  • Easy to use
  • Soft handle

Buy Batavia cordless drills

Found the perfect cordless drill for your job? Then order online at the Bataviastore. Orders are completed quickly and easily and then delivered at lightning speed.