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Batavia battery sawing machines

The Batavia battery saws are powerful and suitable for any job project. All saws on this page are part of the Maxxpack collection: one battery for all your DIY and garden tools.
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Batavia battery saws from the MaxxPack collection

With the battery from the Batavia Maxxpack collection, all tools in this series are interchangeable. Also for the Batavia sawing machines. You can find the following battery saws on the Maxxpack battery platform:

Batavia battery jigsaw

The Batavia battery-powered jigsaw is lightweight and very compact. The saw comes with a parallel guide, with which you can carefully and accurately saw through different types of material. Easily cut through wood, rubber, ceramic plates, metal and plastic. The Batavia jigsaw is equipped with a quick-change system so that saw blades can be replaced easily, quickly and without tools. You can easily adjust the bottom plate in degrees, which makes sawing at an angle of -45 ° to 45 ° possible

Batavia cordless reciprocating saw

Saw quickly and safely in places or in materials that are difficult to reach. With the cordless reciprocating saw from Batavia, you can saw along a wall or under the floor, for example. This lightweight Batavia cordless saw is easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic handle and compact design. Suitable for sawing in wood, aluminum, PVC and more materials.

Batavia battery crosscut saw

A battery cut-off saw is related to the circular saw. With a crosscut saw you can easily cut different materials and profiles. With the Batavia battery crosscut saw you can do this at any angle.

All the advantages of a Batavia battery saw

  • Safe to use
  • Uses the universal battery and charger from the Maxxpack Collection
  • Easy and quick to use thanks to the battery
  • No problems with cables
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable sawing
  • No mains power required

Buy a Batavia battery saw

So are you looking for a good quality cordless saw? At Batavia you will always find a suitable saw for your job. Did you find it? Order online in our Bataviastore and immediately benefit from our super-fast delivery.