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Batavia battery angle grinders

Are you looking for a good grinding machine? Then the battery angle grinders from Batavia are definitely for you. These sharpeners are lightweight and easy to take to various jobs.
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Batavia battery angle grinder

Work on multiple surfaces with this cordless grinder. You can use the Batavia battery-powered angle grinder to work metal, stone or wood. This powerful device cuts effortlessly through metal pipes, plates and reinforcing bars. An angle grinder - also called a grinder - also does more than just cut material. You can also polish, rust or deburr material with it. For example, remove the rusty pieces from a fence until you have hard and rusty steel again.

Batavia battery brushless angle grinder

The brushless motor is a fantastic technology for cordless tools. That is why you will also find a powerful brushless angle grinder in the range at Batavia. Due to the friction and tension on the carbon brushes, tools with carbon brushes wear out faster and need to be replaced sooner. You don't have that problem with a brushless version. In addition, a brushless motor makes less noise than tools with carbon brushes and you have less problems with sparks and grinding. With a brushless angle grinder from Batavia you can therefore take a long time and start a new project without any worries.

Batavia angle grinder as part of the MaxxPack collection

The Batavia battery angle grinder and the battery brushless angle grinder are both part of the Batavia Maxxpack collection . These are different types of garden and DIY tools that run on one universal battery platform. So you only have to invest once in a battery and charger, on which you can then use all your Batavia tools.

Advantages of the Batavia angle grinder on battery

  • No mains power required
  • Compact and lightweight design for optimal maneuverability
  • Soft grip and slim handle for perfect control
  • Part of the Maxxpack collection | one universal battery and charger for all your tools
  • Safe quick-release guard
  • Grinding wheels are easy to replace
  • Easy in use

Buy a battery grinder at Batavia

So are you looking for a grinding machine that is suitable for grinding and deburring and that is also easy to use? Then view one of Batavia's battery angle grinders and order one directly online. You immediately benefit from our very fast delivery!