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Batavia Telescopic ladder 2.61 meter Giraffe Air
Telescopic ladder 2.61 meter Giraffe Air €119,95 €129,95

Telescopic ladder 2.61 meter Giraffe Air

€129,95 €119,95
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Batavia Telescopic ladder 2.62 meter Giraffe Air

Batavia Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder

The Batavia Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder Range – Great Ladders For Any Job
Manufactured with a great deal of precision, the innovative Batavia Giraffe Air telescopic ladder range is constructed from lightweight aluminium, something that means it is extremely portable. These telescopic ladder products can slide up inside themselves, which means that they are easy to store in a shed, a garage or even an understairs cupboard without any problems at all. This means they are suited to people who don't have a great deal of storage room and who do not want their ladders to be kept outside - where anyone might be able to make use of them. In addition, the Batavia telescopic ladders are ideal for contractors and professionals who need a portable set of steps that they can transport in the boot of their car between jobs. Sturdy and reliable, any Batavia Giraffe Air product offers a safe platform for jobs like clearing out gutters, hanging wallpaper or changing lightbulbs.

What Makes a Batavia Giraffe Air Telescopic Ladder so Useful?
One of the innovative things about the Giraffe Air ladder range is that each product can be reduced in size dramatically. The maximum length of the largest Batavia Giraffe Air is 3.91 metres, meaning a maximum reach height of 4.60 metres is possible. However, even with this length, a 12 rung ladder will tuck away to a tiny 91 cm. The 2.62 metre long Batavia Giraffe Air concertinas down to a remarkable 74 cm, even though it has no fewer than nine rungs. Of course, such an innovative design must be safe. Pleasingly, the latest European safety requirements - according to EN-131 – are met with all three ladders in the Batavia Giraffe Air range.

Important Aspects of the Batavia Giraffe Air Range
All of the telescopic ladders in the range provide users with a flexible product that can be used without any of the transportation hassles associated with conventional ladders. They can all cope with loads of up to 150 kilos, meaning that they are robust enough for virtually every kind of job you might want to put them to. Not only do they extend and retract but you can adjust them to the length that happens to be needed for the job at hand. The rungs extend out from one another as each upright is adjusted. These can then be locked into place to ensure safety is maintained while the ladder is climbed.

Thinking of Purchasing a Giraffe Air Ladder – What Should You Know?
The Batavia telescopic ladders come in three lengths, 2.62 metres, 3.25 metres and 3.91 metres. In addition to the aforementioned locking mechanism, an extra-long rung is provided at the bottom of each Giraffe Air ladder to provide great stability and to help prevent the product from toppling sideways when it is being used.
Considering investing in a high-quality telescopic ladder which will be easy to transport and that is suited to use both indoors and outside? If so, then a Batavia telescopic ladder in one of the three available sizes will be the ideal choice - so buy one right now!

The advantages of this telescopic ladder

  • Light, compact and safe
  • Equipped with anti slip slip
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to transport and space saving
  • Safe hand protection (2.5 cm space between each step)

Technical data:

- Note: Batavia
- Type: Telescopic ladder
- Number of steps / tracks: 9
- Height: Retractable, 0.74 to 2.62 cm.
- Max. work height: 3.40 meters
- Width: 45 cm.
- Max. load capacity 150 kg.
- Weight: 8.5 kg.

Provided with:
- Keurmerk: EN131-6
- Certificate: TÜV / GS
- Instruction manual
- Warranty

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