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Batavia Multifunctional workbench
Multifunctional workbench €59,99 €79,99

Multifunctional workbench

€79,99 €59,99
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Batavia Multifunctional Workbench - Workbook


Batavia Multifunctional Workbench
The Batavia Multifunctional Workbench – A Multifaceted Support Tool
With no fewer than four different operational modes, the Batavia workbench has plenty to offer craftsmen and women, carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. You can use it in a variety of ways as a sturdy, yet portable lightweight workbench that provides a reliable working surface for all kinds of jobs. Utterly practical, the adjustable workbench has an adjustable working height that varies from 78 cm to 127.5 cm so you can set it to just the right position to support whatever it is you happen to be working on. Two handy clips sit on either side of the customisable workbench that allow you to alter the height of the unit within seconds. Once these are in position, however, the Batavia multifunctional workbench is held securely so that you can proceed with complete confidence that it will offer continued and reliable support.


What Makes the Batavia Multifunctional Workbench One-of-a-Kind?
Unlike other workbenches, the multifunctional workbench by Batavia means you can perform a wide variety of jobs. In solid tabletop mode, it operates as a conventional work surface support. In ball support mode, the customisable workbench becomes a support for processes where even and controlled movement is desirable, such as during milling jobs, for example. There again, you can put it into roller support mode, so the unit adjustable workbench will help to feed workpieces into other equipment, such as table saws, without the need for an additional pair of hands. In its fourth mode, the Batavia multifunctional workbench offers a helpful V-support. This makes it useful for working on round items, such as pipes, and cutting things like box sections of steel without them slipping around.


What Do You Need to Know About the Batavia Workbench?
As a solid support, the lightweight workbench punches above its weight and can cope with loads of up to 200 kilos. The pair of leg supports offer a dependable platform, extending out to provide a footprint of 60 cm by 54 cm. However, these legs will fold away, which means that the customisable workbench can be stored away quite easily. When folded, the whole unit is only 15 cm wide. An instruction manual is supplied with every adjustable workbench so it becomes immediately clear how you can change between the product's four different operational modes.


Why Buy an Adjustable Workbench Made By Batavia?
If you are looking for a lightweight workbench, then the Batavia multifunctional workbench makes sense because it is only a little over 11 kilos. Combining straightforward, portable practicality with a great deal of operational flexibility, owners obtain a great deal of functionality in a single product. Each of these customisable workbenches can be put to numerous uses, providing extra support either on their own or when they are deployed in pairs to act as trestles.
Seeking a lightweight workbench that you can use in many different situations that will provide years and years of excellent performance and reliability? Purchase a multifunctional workbench today and get the most out of its four different modes.


Technical information:
- Max. capacity, solid support: 200 kg
- Ball- or roller support: 100 kg
- V-support: 45 kg
- Dimensions: 670 x 750 x 780 – 1270 mm

Delivery includes:
- 1x Multifunctional work Bench
- Instruction manual
- Warranty


10 / 10
10 / 10
Manuel 30 October 2020

Un chevalet polyvalent robuste et stable Très bonne qualité, le prix est plus que justifié.

10 / 10
Alain 30 October 2020

reçu très rapidement , produit conforme a la désignation , impeccable , je le recommande..

10 / 10
Peter 29 October 2020

Bock ist nicht gleich Bock! Dieser Arbeitsbock ist jedoch seinen Preis wert. Gut verarbeitet und leicht zu montieren. Gerade die Möglichkeit ihn sowohl als Bock für Tischplatten Arbeitsbühnen zu benutzen und dann als Rollboch für lange Werkstücke. Den Batavia kann ich nur wärmstens empfehlen

10 / 10
Jamie Bleul 29 October 2020

Ideal als Tischverlängerung für lange Werkstücke, als Sägetischergänzung (Werkstück auf Rolle). Viele Optionen und Einstellmöglichkeiten, möchte ich nicht mehr vermissen.

10 / 10
Robbie Haase 29 October 2020

Super zum arbeiten für den Heimwerker King ;-)

Selten etwas gesehen das auch funktioniert!


10 / 10
Jerry de Rooy 21 October 2020

Top werkbank! Kan hem voor verschillende toepassingen gebruiken, echt een aanrader deze

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