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Batavia 3,6V LI-ION Scissors
3,6V LI-ION Scissors €34,99

3,6V LI-ION Scissors

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Batavia 3,6V LI-ION Scissors

Batavia 3,6V LI-ION Scissors
Batavia Scissors – Cut Virtually Anything Simply and Easily
As an innovative product manufacturer which is always looking to come up with new ideas to help people in interesting ways, there are few better examples of the Batavia spirit than with its battery-operated scissors. Just like a conventional pair of scissors, you hold them in your hand so you can direct them exactly where you need to cut. The big difference with Batavia scissors is that they do the cutting work for you. As such, you do not need to open and close the blades manually as you use them. This means that you can cut precisely for long periods of time without getting tired.

What Makes the Batavia 3,6V LI-ION Scissors So Unique?
Unlike nearly all power cutting tools that are on the market, these battery-powered scissors are designed to operate without any special set-up or technical know-how. In short, they are designed to cut just like conventional scissors with the blades sliding up towards one another from a pivot position. This means you can cut anything you might do with a normal pair of scissors in exactly the same manner. For people interested in arts and crafts, it means the quality of their work is not compromised by automating the cutting process. Fine control is still afforded with these textile scissors so you can obtain just the cut you want. When cutting tough materials - for example, when they are used as leather scissors - they can deal with the extra effort it would take to cut through the material without ripping through so quickly that you would potentially lose control.

Important Features to Know About of the Batavia 3,6V LI-ION Scissors
Firstly, the Batavia 3,6V LI-ION scissors come with two sets of blades which means users can continue to operate them with confidence that they will remain sharp. They are suited to cutting wallpaper, fabrics and can also function as leather scissors. Although they are electrical, these battery-powered scissors contain a rechargeable battery which means you are not restricted by where you can use them. Nor do they have a power cable which could get in your way when using them as textile scissors, for instance. Each unit is supplied with a charger that connects to the mains power. A key feature to note is that a full charge can be achieved in as little as 3 hours, depending on the exact condition of the battery at the time.

Why Might You Think About Buying These Battery Operated Scissors?
For people who have limited use of their hands or who have diminished grip, these battery-powered scissors mean being able to carry on with a range of crafts and handiwork that would otherwise be impossible for them. The Batavia 3,6V LI-ION scissors come with a handy, ergonomically designed handle that makes them easy to hold even if you have no problems with your hands. Batavia scissors can be used to cut the toughest of materials for long periods or for something as straightforward as paper, as preferred.
Anyone who would like to try out a truly innovative product that makes cutting through tough materials much, much easier thanks to their power-assisted operation ought to buy a set of Batavia scissors. Do not delay – make a purchase and you will be delighted that you added them to your toolkit.

The advantages of the Batavia 3.6V LI-ION Scissors

  • Cuts almost all materials including: textiles, leather, cardboard, wallpaper, fabrics
  • 3.6-volt universal cordless hair


Technical information:
- Note: Batavia
- Type: Scissors
- Voltage battery: 3,6V LI-ION
- Charger: 230V
- Charging time: 3-5 hours

Delivery included:
- 1x Cordless hair
- 1x replacement cutting head
- 1x Charger

Quality marks / certificates:

Provided with:
- Instruction manual
- Warranty

10 / 10
10 / 10
Wilrik 09 August 2019

Een echte aanbeveling voor snel knippen van onder anderen stoffen.

10 / 10
Wilfred 25 November 2017

Ideale schaar voor het knippe van vloerbedekking