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Batavia 18V LI-ION Flashlight MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery
18V LI-ION Flashlight MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery €19,99

18V LI-ION Flashlight MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery

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Batavia 18V LI-ION Flashlight MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery

The Batavia MAXXPACK Flashlight – A Powerful Lighting Device for Homes and Workshops

An Overview of the Batavia MAXXPACK Flashlight
A portable worklight that offers an incredible amount of flexibility when it is being used, the Batavia cordless flashlight is great whether you want to use it in your home, your cellar, your garage or your workshop. As well as providing a great deal of light just where it is needed indoors, it is equally suited to use outside, perhaps to light up your garden at night or to keep in the car, so you will always have a source of illumination when you need it. A compact hand tool, the Batavia MAXXPACK Flashlight is part of the MAXXPACK range of 18V products that all use the same battery type. This means that your portable worklight is powered by the same lithium-ion battery as many others in the range. By having this compatibility, you can chop and change your battery(ies), so you need fewer of them, thereby saving money and helping to protect the environment.

What Makes the Batavia MAXXPACK Flashlight So Illuminating?
One of the most important things to say about this cordless flashlight is that it comes with a 270° adjustable torch head that means you can angle it anywhere you need light. So, if you want a portable workshop flashlight to offer extra illumination where you happen to be working, for example, then it is the ideal tool to choose. Equally, you can angle it upwards to hit the ceiling and reflect light backwards. In fact, the 18V flashlight provides several different swivel stopping points for the head as well as a number of angle tilt stops to help you fine-tune its position. There again, you could make use of the portable workshop flashlight's hanging hook to spread its light as far and wide as possible.

Key Features of the Batavia Cordless Flashlight
With 3 LEDs included in the torch head, the Batavia cordless flashlight can be used to provide up to 100 lumens of light even if there is no mains electricity or the power has been cut. The 18V flashlight will provide up to 3W of power to its LED array for a uniform level of light. It has an ergonomically shaped handle just like the other products in the MAXXPACK range. What's more, it is light to carry around and reposition, weighing just 300 grams.

Thinking About Buying a Batavia Portable Workshop Flashlight?
The MAXXPACK Flashlight is a versatile product that works with the innovative universal battery system made by Batavia. This means just needing one charger, too. Invest in your own Batavia cordless flashlight if you want reliable operation with a clever design that continues to deliver time and again.
If you would like to know more about the Batavia MAXXPACK flashlight and its full set of technical specifications, then you can download these from our website with ease. Alternatively, why not consider making a purchase right now and benefiting from such a versatile portable worklight immediately?

Technical information:
- Rated voltage: 18 V DC
- Max. power:  3 W
- Swivel head: 270°
- 7 positive stops: 0°/30°/60°/90°/120°/150°/ 180°
- Plastic hook: yes

Delivery includes:
- 1x Flashlight
- 1x Auxiliary handle

Provided with:
- Instruction manual
- Warranty

Caution: excl. battery!

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