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Batavia 18V LI-ION Circular saw MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery
18V LI-ION Circular saw MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery €84,99

18V LI-ION Circular saw MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery

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Batavia 18V LI-ION Circular saw MAXXPACK Collection | excl. battery


The Batavia Cordless Circular Saw – One of the Best Cordless Circular Saw Products Around

The Batavia Cordless Circular Saw – A Brief Overview

An 18V circular saw, the Batavia cordless circular saw provides exceptional levels of versatility thanks to its ability to be used in any location. This particular Batavia circular saw has been designed to be compatible with the same battery pack that you can use with any of the MAXXPACK range of innovative power tools made by Batavia. As a result, the MAXXPACK circular saw is just as at home being used in a shed or a garage where there is no mains power as it is in the home. What's more, because you only need one or two batteries for the entire product series, option for a MAXXPACK circular saw is better for the environment. You can save money, too, by only buying the battery packs you need for all of your power tools, including this 18V circular saw, of course.

What Makes the Batavia Cordless Circular Saw So Good?

In addition to its handy battery system, the Batavia cordless circular saw has a robust aluminium base that is exceptional in all sorts of situations, no matter what you happen to be cutting. The powerful saw is backed up by an electronic brake system that helps to ensure you can use it safely at all times. In addition, the 18V circular saw has a spindle lock, and it offers a maximum cutting depth of 50mm, more than enough for most domestic jobs. When it is used in mitre-mode, at 45°, the maximum cutting depth is 36 mm.

What Functions Does the Batavia MAXXPACK Circular Saw Afford?

Highly configurable, the bevel capacity of the Batavia circular saw can be adjusted from 0 to 45°. Fitting one of the MAXXPACK batteries that are compatible with the product is easy so you can swop one that is spent for a fully charged one in moments. The saw blade size of this dependable product is 165 mm across its diameter and changing blades, when needed, is also easy to carry out. You also get a parallel guide to help you stay on track, too!

Why Purchase a Batavia Cordless Circular Saw

Ideal for general users as well as professional woodworkers and hobbyists, this is one of the best cordless circular saw power tools you could choose. The handle of the saw helps users to retain full control over the tool as it cuts. In addition to the main handle, there is a useful grab-piece at the front of the unit so you can hold it in both hands, helping you to saw in a very precise manner. As you might expect from a high-quality tool manufacturer, each Batavia cordless circular saw is supplied with a full warranty.

Any person who is seeking one of the best cordless circular saw products available today should consider just how much the Batavia cordless circular saw offers. Look at the product's page on Batavia's website for further details and buy your one today!


Technical information:
- Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
- No load speed: 3,650 min-1
- Saw blade size: Ø 165 mm
- Max. cutting depth 90°: 50 mm
- Max. cutting depth 45°: 36 mm
- Bevel capacity: 0 – 45°
- Baseplate: Aluminium
- Brake: Electronic

Delivery includes:
- 1x Circular saw
- 1x Parallel guide
- 1x Hex key

Provided with:
- Instruction manual
- Warranty


Caution: excl battery!

10 / 10
10 / 10
Peter 01 March 2019

Overtreft mijn verwachtingen. Heb hem nu een jaar en ik vind hem beter dan mijne met snoer qua prestatie én daarnaast extra handig dat er geen snoer aan zit.