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Batavia Nexxsaw Power Bundle | With 5.0 battery and 4.0 charger
Nexxsaw Power Bundle | With 5.0 battery and 4.0 charger €169,95 €188,95

Nexxsaw Power Bundle | With 5.0 battery and 4.0 charger

€188,95 €169,95
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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless one-handed saw - Nexxsaw | With 5.0 battery and 4.0 charger

The perfect and ideal one-hand cordless saw - We are convinced!

Easy and safe pruning; no pruning job is impossible anymore! The Nexxsaw works on an 18V Lithium-Ion battery (Maxxpack collection) and can therefore be used anywhere. Suitable for pruning shrubs, trees (roof) plane trees, fruit trees and grape plants. The battery saw effortlessly cuts through branches with a diameter of up to 11 cm.
The Nexxsaw cordless saw has been developed to be operated with just one hand. The user has complete freedom of movement and can therefore work quickly. During the design, careful consideration has been given to the total weight and its distribution. We can therefore proudly say that this cordless saw and pruning saw fits perfectly in the hand. With the uniquely integrated hand guard, safety button and saw arch, the safety of the user is guaranteed. Due to the high chain speed of 3.7 meters per second, the cutting speed and performance are amazingly good. The machine is suitable for both consumers and professionals.

Good for the environment
We are all familiar with the so-called “top handle” chainsaws. This makes it easy to saw and prune in hard-to-reach places. These top handle chainsaws are powered by a 2 or 4-stroke engine. Tampering with petrol and / or oil, emissions and thus pollution of the environment cannot be ruled out. From this point of view, it is now time to switch to a good quality alternative. The performance is particularly remarkable and an environmentally conscious choice too!

(pruning) Saw of the future
One battery for 30+ tools is not only environmentally conscious, but also the future. This 18 Volt one-hand battery saw, or the Batavia Nexxsaw, may be the saw of the future if we can. No more hassle with gasoline or correct mixing ratios and correct settings such as with gasoline 2 and 4 stroke engines. Now “just” simple; one battery and Ready Steady Go!

- Compact and lightweight cordless saw
- For easy sawing and pruning
- Ergonomic one-hand operation for fast work
- Easy pruning of shrubs, (roof) plane trees, fruit trees, grape trees and other trees
- Easy pruning in hard-to-reach places thanks to the one-hand operation
- Ideal for the home gardener, grower, garden shepherd, fruit grower, arborist and hobbyist

Technical data:
- Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
- No-load speed: 2920 Min-1
- Length of sword in total: 150 mm.
- Effective sword length: 110 mm.
- Max cutting depth: 110 mm.
Chain speed: 3.7 m / s
- Weight without accessories: 1.51 kg.
- Size: 30 x 30 x 11.5 cm.

Delivery includes:
- Nexxsaw - one-handed saw
- Chain
- Saw blade
- Saw blade protector
- L screwdriver
- 5.0 Ah battery
- 4.0 Ah fast charger

9.3 / 10
10 / 10
Christopher 29 October 2020

Livraison dans les délais et bon suivi du service client. Je suis ravi de cette tronçonneuse. je l'ai utilisée pour l'instant toute une matinée pour couper et débiter plusieurs arbres dont un Laurier de 15 m, le tronc faisait 37 cm de diamètre. J'en suis venu à bout sans difficultés. Je ne suis pas un spécialiste dans ce domaine, mais j'utilise très régulièrement des outils de jardinage. Cette tronçonneuse est très efficace et n'est pas bruyante (infiniment moins que les tronçonneuses thermiques), je l'utilise sans protection auditive et ce n'est vraiment pas un problème.

10 / 10
Marylene 29 October 2020

Je cherchais une petite tronçonneuse à utiliser à la maison pour quelques coupes occasionnelles, cette tronçonneuse électrique fait parfaitement le job. Et simple à entretenir au moins pas besoin de s'embêter avec le stockage d'essence et l'entretien d'un modèle thermique, qui plus est plus cher à l'achat. A l'utilisation, rien à dire, ni trop lourde, ni trop légère, un vrai plaisir à utiliser. La puissance est largement suffisante pour une utilisation sans avoir peur de coincer au milieu d'une poutre (dans mon cas).

8 / 10
BLIQUY 04 October 2020

Je voulais savoir s'il existait une lime pour aiguiser la chaine ?

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