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Batavia Batavia 18V Li-Ion 1.65 A charger | Maxxpack Collection
Batavia 18V Li-Ion 1.65 A charger | Maxxpack Collection €19,95

Batavia 18V Li-Ion 1.65 A charger | Maxxpack Collection

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Batavia 18V Li-Ion 1.65 A charger | Maxxpack Collection


Batavia MAXXPACK Batteries – Versatile Battery Packs For a Range of Power Tools

An Overview of Batavia MAXXPACK Batteries

Designed to work with a range of 30 different power tools, all of which have been innovatively designed to perform specific functions, the Batavia MAXXPACK batteries are interchangeable throughout the entire series. As such, if you use one for a MAXXPACK air compressor or a MAXXPACK combi drill, for instance, then you can swap your batteries around so you can continue to work even when the pack has been fully discharged. This means buying extra batteries is completely unnecessary, too. After all, with just one or two MAXXPACK batteries, you can run over two dozen different Batavia handheld cordless tools. This means you can save your hard-earned cash, of course, but it is also better for the environment since you only acquire the number of battery packs you will actually use.

What Types of Batavia MAXXPACK Batteries Are There?

There are two types of battery to choose from. Crucially, every 18V battery 2.0 AH and ever 18V battery 4.0 AH will work with any of the MAXXPACK range of products, so it does not matter from the point of view of compatibility which ones you opt for. The 18V battery 2.0 AH has dimensions of 12 by 8 by 5 cm and weighs just 0.37 kilos which makes it ideal for the portable, cordless tools in the range. On the other hand, the Batavia 18V Battery 4.0 AH is a little heavier, but still only weighs 0.61 kg. It is similarly sized but stands a little prouder with a 7 cm depth. With either type, you get a reliable battery pack that can snap into any MAXXPACK tool within seconds.

Key Features of Batavia MAXXPACK Batteries and Charging Units

As well as the two types of battery, there is a separate 4A charger you can purchase. The 4A charger allows you to charge your batteries rapidly. It takes about 30 minutes to fully load a 2.0 AH battery and approximately 70 minutes to completely recharge a 4.0 AH one. This product draws on mains electricity, via its handy 1.8-metre long power cable so you can continue using your power tools cordlessly wherever you might need them.

Why Choose Batavia MAXXPACK Batteries For Your Home or Workshop?

Supplied with a warranty, the batteries in the MAXXPACK range come in a smart-looking black and orange livery that makes them easy to spot. The 18-volt system is universal across the entire MAXXPACK series so you will never get your batteries in a muddle ever again. That makes them ideal whether you need to transport them in your toolkit to where they'll be needed or to simply have in a cupboard at home ready to deploy.

If you already own a novel MAXXPACK power tool or two made by Batavia, then acquiring further MAXXPACK batteries for them makes sense so you can carry on using them without needing to recharge. Purchase your 18V battery 2.0 AH, 18V battery 4.0 AH or 4A charger without any further delay!

Technical information:
- Input: 230 - 240V 50 - 60 Hz
- Power: 40W
- Output: 14.4 - 18V
- Charging time 2 Ah battery: 85 min
- Charging time 4 Ah battery: 165 min
- Charging current: 1650 mA
- Protection class: II
- Cable length: 1.81m
- Product weight: 0.35 kg
- Product dimensions (L x W x H) 13.4 x 8.8 x 7.5 cm.
- Dimensions unit packaging: (L x W x H) 17.1 x 8.4 x 11.3 cm.

- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062517 (2 Ah)
- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062518 (4 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No. 7062519 (4 Ah)

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