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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler / Nailer | Maxxpack collection
18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler / Nailer | Maxxpack collection €129,95

18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler / Nailer | Maxxpack collection

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Batavia 18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler / Nailer | Maxxpack collection


The Batavia MAXXPACK Stapler & Nailer – A Powerful Tool For All Stapling and Nailing Jobs

The Batavia MAXXPACK Stapler & Nailer – An Overview
A cordless stapler gun that is also a cordless nail gun, the MAXXPACK stapler & nailer does everything you might need to fix one material to another securely. The staple gun element can be used, for example, to reupholster your furniture by fixing fabrics to material like plastic and wood with ease. When it is operated as a nail gun, on the other hand, you can permanently attach all sorts of things together without having to use a hammer. This means that whether you want a high-quality staple gun or a nail gun, you can get on with DIY and repair jobs around your home and garden much more quickly and efficiently than using manual hand tools. This is a cordless stapler gun which requires no mains supply so you can benefit from its powered functions anywhere.

Why Does the Batavia Cordless Stapler Gun Stand Out?
One of the key advantages of the MAXXPACK stapler & nailer is that it gets jobs done quickly – ideal if you have lots of nails or staples to fire into whatever it is you are working on. In fact, it offers a shooting speed of up to 60 staples or nails per minute. The magazine that the device comes supplied with has a window so you can keep a track on how many nails or staples you have left with ease, helping you to reload at just the right moment. The magazine of the cordless nail gun will hold up to 100 nails, and you can also adjust the depth control of the device so different sizes of nails and staples are fully accommodated. In fact, staples from 20 to 50 mm are compatible when it is in staple gun mode. As a nail gun, you can use nails that range between 19 and 40 mm in length.

Which Operational Features Does the MAXXPACK Stapler & Nailer Benefit From?
The Batavia MAXXPACK stapler & nailer is compatible with the 18V lithium-ion battery that works with the entire MAXXPACK range of cordless tools. If you already have one for your other MAXXPACK products, then you won't need to buy a new battery to operate the staple gun / nail gun. This cordless stapler gun is supplied with a useful belt clip for easy carrying plus an LED light so you can focus on where you are nailing or stapling to maintain greater accuracy.

Why Buy a Batavia Cordless Stapler Gun and Nail Gun In a Single Unit?
Because it weighs just 2.8 kilos (without its battery), this cordless nail gun is light enough for all sorts of DIY projects even if you will be using it for hours on end. It has a mechanism that prevents accidental firing, which is important for safety, and it is certificated as RoHS, REACH and GS compliant.
If you have been looking for a cordless nail gun or a cordless staple gun, then bear in mind that the Batavia MAXXPACK stapler & nailer does both jobs in a single unit. Check out the full technical details on our website and purchase your cordless stapler gun without further delay!

Technical information:
- Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
- Shooting speed: 60 spijkers per min
- Max magazine capacity: 100 spijkers / nietjes
- Max. length staples: 20 - 50 mm / type F.
- Max. length of nails:: 19 – 40 mm / type 90.
- Product weight without battery: 2,8 kg.
- Product dimensions (L × W × H): 26,5 x 24,7 x 8,5 cm.

Delivery includes:
Stapler / Nailer


- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062517 (2 Ah)
- Battery available separately under Art. No. 7062518 (4 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No 7063630 (1.65 Ah)
- Charger sold separately under Art. No. 7062519 (4 Ah)

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