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Batavia 12 V Cordless water pump - Barrel pump | Maxxseries
12 V Cordless water pump - Barrel pump | Maxxseries €79,99 €99,95

12 V Cordless water pump - Barrel pump | Maxxseries

€99,95 €79,99
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Batavia 12 V Cordless water pump - Barrel pump | Maxxseries


Batavia 12 V Cordless Pump
The Batavia 12 V Cordless Pump – A Great Method for Shifting Water Effortlessly
Pumping water from one place to another is nothing new, but the ability to do it anywhere thanks to cordless water pump certainly is! The Batavia 12 V water pump has all of the functionality you might need to drain a water butt or a swimming pool, for example, but it requires no power source or the need to be plugged in. As a cordless water pump, you can take it with you into the garden or to locations away from your home where you might want to drain liquid. This means you can do away with extension power cords and start pumping wherever you might need. As such, it is ideal for boat owners as well as homeowners who need to pump water from time to time but who have no direct access to electrical power locally.

What Is Unique About the Batavia 12 V Cordless Pump?
One of the key points about the Batavia cordless water pump is that it has no power plug so it can be used anywhere. The water-barrel pump comes equipped with a powerful 12 V lithium-ion battery instead which can produce up to 50 W of water pumping power. This means it is just as good as many conventional pumps despite its portability. It comes supplied with a charger so you can charge it up when it is not in use plus a handy storage bracket that is specifically designed for the unit. In addition, the battery water pump will connect to a standard garden hose meaning that you can pump water from wherever you don't want it to wherever you do. Use it as a water-barrel pump to water your garden or as a swimming pool pump to drain away old water.

Operational Features of the Batavia 12 V Cordless Pump
The Batavia battery operated water pump provides 30 minutes of operation working from a full charge which is more than enough for most jobs. This means it can offer users an impressive 1,500 litres of pumping action per hour. A full charge takes 5 hours so the Batavia battery water pump can be used multiple times over the course of a 24-hour-period. For fine control, the cordless water pump has an adjustable water supply control system that allows you to keep the flow rate at just the level that suits you. There is also a shut-off valve that turns the unit off once it has pumped away all of the water from the reservoir to prevent needless energy loss.

Why Should You Buy This Cordless Water Pump?
As a water-barrel pump, the Batavia cordless water pump provides flexibility for gardeners everywhere. Equally, if you need to keep your pool or pond well maintained, it can be of great help, too, especially where there is no power source nearby. People who want to drain boats or canoes will also find it extremely beneficial since it can be put to use anywhere.
If you want to find out a few more details of this battery water pump, then head to the product page at Batavia's website where you can see a video of it in use. Anyone looking for the convenience of a battery-operated water pump for the home should purchase a Batavia 12 V Cordless Pump today.

Technical information:
- Battery voltage: 12 V Li-Ion
- Rated power: 50 W
- Connection size: G ¾”
- Pipe diameter: 17 mm
- Max. pump rate: 1500 l/h
- Max. pump height: 11 m
- Max. submersion depth: 0.5 m
- Max. particle size: 1 mm
- Max. fluid temperature: 35 °C
- Operation time: 30 min
- Charging time: 5 h
- Thermal protection: No
- Product weight: 1.32 kg
- Product dimensions (L × W × H): 28 × 8 × 86 cm

Delivery includes:
- Cordless water pump
- Battery
- Charger
- Suspension bracket


10 / 10
10 / 10
O. Boswinkel 24 June 2020

Echt een hele handige en krachtige pomp. Ik gebruik hem nu een half jaar zonder problemen. Aanrader.

10 / 10
Thomas Regenbogen 13 June 2020

Sehr gute Wasserpumpe nutze Sie im Garten zum Bewässern meiner Pflanzen.Keine Gießkannen mehr schleppen.